R2D2 & TDQs
In third grade, to meet their Common Core Standards, the students will continuously be asked to answer Text Dependent Questions. Text Dependent Questions are questions that require the students to go back into the text to find the evidence needed to support their answers. I have trained the students to use a strategy called R2D2 so that they are used to answering questions thoroughly. The link below will explain what is meant by R2D2. On the SBAC assessment that the students will take at the end of the year, they will be required to answer many Text Dependent Questions to show mastery of the Language Arts Standards. The second link below will show examples of two Text Dependent Questions from the story Mulan and what two strong answers look like using the R2D2 strategy. I hope this information helps parents support their children at home while answering Text Dependent Questions for homework. Thank you parents!!! (:

R2D2 Strategy

Samples of TDQ Responses